Welcome to the Wonderful World of Collecting Horses

This amazing hobby is open to horse lovers of all ages.

Horse collecting as a hobby has been in existence in the UK for three decades. There are no rules governing what you can or cannot collect.

Anything goes!

The models are treated something like real miniature horses, with names and details, and actually showing them…just like the real thing.
Models can be shown in virtually every event that their full-size counterparts are shown in, either 'In-hand' or 'under saddle', with perfectly proportioned halters, saddles, bridles and anything else that you would have for a real horse; some models even have an illustrious showing career where they can win real rosettes or large trophies.

There are many types of shows and events in which your models can compete; the most popular are Photo and Live Shows.

Photo Shows require you to send in a good clear photo of your model, with suitable tack and rider for ridden classes. The models are judged, as with real horses, on conformation and breed type, as well as their 'ability' to perform their chosen event.

Live Shows are a hobbyist's chance to get together and meet like-minded people for a spot of friendly competition! They are normally held in a village hall or similar, with ridden and in-hand classes just like a real show. Live Shows give your models the opportunity to get out and compete, and are also a great way to make or meet friends and have a fun day out. You may even be lucky enough to win a rosette or trophy!

The people involved with the hobby are all very friendly and helpful. Many collectors own, compete with, breed and judge real horses, so the hobby is not as unusual as it may at first seem!

The British Equine Collectors' Forum (BECF) was established in 1992, and is the central source in the UK for all aspects of model horse collecting.